CPC Courses Galway City –  ClaregalwayTuam

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Health n Safety Mod 3 – Sun 8th March
Time: 8:15 am

Eco Driving Mod 1 – Sun 22nd March
Time: 8:15am

Health n Safety Mod 3 – Sun 5th April
Time: 8:15 am

Eco Driving Mod 1 – Sun 19th April
Time: 8:15 am


Minimising Risks Mod 2- Thur 5th March
Time: 4.00pm

Pro Truck Driver Mod 5 – Wed 25th March
Time: 4.00pm

Tachographs Mod 4 – Wed 1st April
Time: 4.00pm

Minimising Risks Mod 2 – Wed 29th April
Time: 4.00pm



Minimising Risks Mod 2- Friday 21st Feb
Time: 4.00pm


Not Sure Which Module you need to do, Click to My CPC and log in to check your training records If you need assistance Call, Michelle, at Prestige Training on 087-7950282 or Email: Office 

Driver CPC Galway


Driver CPC courses Galway are a one day course for professional Bus / Truck Drivers and the training material is updated regularly so each module is created with the professional drivers in mind, regulations within Ireland state that all professional drivers must complete their certificate of professional competence each year they are driving in the profession, it would be ideal that anyone wanting to attend the driver CPC courses Galway should retrain every year around the same time to avoid the rush which comes near the deadline in September.

What you need to know before starting CPC Courses.

If you require any information about the RSA approved training of the advance driver CPC course which we deliver to qualified drivers only, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you acquire it.

The new rules and regulations came into force in 2008 and any information on new rules relating to yourself can be accessed on the RSA website by clicking on the link Here, Information like where you can see the different training centre on offer for Galway or Mayo, New course material introduced and all about the EU driver.

Prestige Training can provide driver CPC training courses in any county in Ireland or we also offer inhouse training provided you have a suitable venue.

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