Driver CPC Online Update: UK

Updated: 28 January 2021

We have received an update  for Driver CPC periodic training delivery in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has been reviewed and updated.

Following this update, we can confirm that where possible, all Driver CPC periodic training should be delivered remotely until restrictions are lifted.

We have yet to receive confirmation from the RSA if this will apply to the Rep Of Ireland going forward, We will give you an update once we receive information.

NCT Extension for 4 Months      

Updated: June 2020

An extension has been granted for a further four months for NCT, PERMITS, and THEORY tests, and any licences or learner permits that were to expire before June 30th will be valid for another four months, these measures are in line with the current pandemic restrictions and will help with the flow of front line workers without disruptions.

for more information follow the link to view the original extension which was announced on the 27th march from the RSA.

Driver Hours Derogation

Updated: April 2020

The RSA has announced that a further extension of the temporary derogation EU driving and rest time rules have now been extended from today the 17th April to the 31st of May, it will apply to all driver CPC Operators and Professional driver’s whos hours and tachograph rules are engaged in the carriage of all goods.

Click here to read more about the Driver Extensions from the RSA.

Driver CPC Training Notice

Updated: March 2020

All Professional Driver CPC Training has now being placed on hold until further notice, The RSA has announced the following measures in light of the restrictions imposed by the government in relation to the current crisis If you would like to read it then click on the RSA announcement in full detail to see how it apply to the validation of your Driver CPC card.

Driver CPC courses Galway are a one day course for professional Bus / Truck Drivers and the training material is updated regularly so each module is created with the professional drivers in mind, regulations within Ireland state that all professional drivers must complete their certificate of professional competence each year they are driving in the profession, it would be ideal that anyone wanting to attend the driver CPC courses Galway should retrain every year around the same time to avoid the rush which comes near the deadline in September.

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